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Zeus 1.2 update now available FREE! to registered Zeus 1.1 Keyfile holders.

Please read the history file for a full list of changes (although in perhaps too much detail!) but here's a run down on best stuff:

* Bug fixes. That's what this update was about - and most systems in Zeus have had some removed.

* ZMailer. More stable, work arounds for Miami bugs, line status support and a smart new icon system that'll probably annoy most people.. Plus session security file notes on inbound files!

* Lines. The access restrictions now work with both ZMailer and Connector - so No Answer, Zone Mail Hour, etc., all work!

* FileControl. No CC ("%nn|") worked while there was no user online, fixed. And full security checks when doing a file scan...

* Messages. ZMP is far better, from AreaFix fixes to (hopefully) faster operation. New configuration keywords like MaxBundleSize provide even better handling of the Outbound.

* Utilities. Logger works, control is a more stable..

* Rexx Utilities. New and improved arexx utilities, like FileLister.rexx.

* Documentation. ALL of the several hundred ARexx commands have been documented! Better structure too.

* ZAPP. It now works! Featuring faster operation, no jumpy ANSI, and new servers like PlayIFF.

* Y2K. Zeus 1.2 *should* suffer no major problems after 1/1/2000.

* FileEditor. Use a seperate font for the description view.

* ANSI. Change screen mode and palette while online!

* GUI. Windows now remember their size and position.

* DataManager. This has returned! For mbzeus message bases, it will handle the renaming and updating of the message base data files.