The Supreme God Of Bulletin Board Software.

The Greek God Zeus came down to Earth in any form he chose.
This myth inspired the name of our BBS package.
With a little work, your BBS can take any form you wish to give it.

ZeusBBS is the most versatile BBS Package available.

New Additions.
[10th November 2001 - Restructuring and new pricing.]
[14th February 2000 - Online Ordering Finally Available.]
[24th December 1999 - Zeus and ZGate Updated to 1.32.]
[5th December 1999 - Zeus 1.3 Update Online.]
[26th August 1999 - Year 2000 Information.]
[8th August 1999 - Competitive Zeus 1.2 Pricing Announced.]
[8th August 1999 - Zeus 1.2 Update Online.]
[8th August 1999 - Zapp 1.2 User Archive Online.]